About Us
What is Flickstree?

We provide video content to phone brands, telecos, news websites and other Internet companies.

Internet usage in India has exploded because mobile data fees have dropped over 90%. Watching video on smartphones went from nothing to 60% of data in India. Major Internet companies, telcos and phone brands don’t have the video content their customers want. Flickstree creates video content, aggregates video content, and then distributes it to our customers so they can give their users the video they want.

We aggregate high quality short form video content from professional video content creators. And we also create our own videos. We help Internet companies who do not have their own video bring video to their users.

Content creators upload videos on our platform. We package them in our video platform and our partners - mobile operators, Phone brands, Video Apps and Internet companies - distribute our platform to their users. We offer our partners our video platform in a white label app or a video player that directly integrates into their properties.

Contact us if you are a video content creator or a app / website who wants our video solution.